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"even at today's leisurely 120 kW charge rate.

In the next few years, the problem becomes even more moot, with fast charge rates of 350 kW already specified for the Common Charging Standard, and ranges up to 620 miles already announced."

I see a lot of 50kW DC fast chargers. It varies from about 40kW to 100kW for non-Tesla chargers. Tesla chargers vary too as well as what rate the battery controller will allow.

Past a certain rate, a really big charger isn't that big of a deal. The voltage has to get very high which means all of the components in the charger and the car have to be able to insulate against that high high of a voltage or the current goes way up and components have to handle that. Fast chargers are going to be mostly used for long trips and it's not not a burden for the car to take 20-30 minutes. The last long road trip I did, I was timing my stops. A visit to the loo, fill the tank, eat something and a walkabout to stretch muscles was a minimum of 20 minutes if I didn't have to wait in line to fill up with petrol. Since I only make a longish road trip no more than two or three times a year, I don't mind waiting a little bit more for an EV to charge up. If I were in a big hurry, I'd take the train or <shudder> fly. Even my longer drives aren't more than about 250 miles which is entirely doable in a Model 3 or a Bolt if it isn't super cold out. I can leave the car plugged in at my destination to fill up. Spending less on "fuel" is a big bonus.

620 miles of range? Doooooood, that's like 9-10 hours of straight driving and a very expensive and heavy battery pack to lug around. I like to be more leisurely about my driving on trips like that and stop here and there to see the sights. If I really needed to do long run in minimum time and was taking the car because I needed to pack a bunch of kit, I'd rent a high MPG diesel with a big fuel tank. Chances are that a trip like that would be for work rather than pleasure.

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