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Here we go again... UK Prime Minister urges nerds to come up with magic crypto backdoors


To beat this dead horse another way:

Politician/High LE Official: "There are devices and apps out there with encryption we cannot crack! Stop making them!"

So you KNOW unbreakable encryption is out there. HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU EXPECT BAD GUYS TO STOP USING IT? Just because you tell them?

So it's clear you want to have it not to catch bad guys. Ergo, you're evil. Undemocratic. Fascist. Autocratic. Tyrannic. Take your pick. Do you expect to win elections this way? Or that you can spy on the ones you want to spy on? That is, us. The nerds. The ones who know. Who speak up. Who resist. Who will not elect you even if hell freezes over. Who will continue to use and develop safe software and devices. Safe from criminals. Safe from you.

Give it up. You have lost.

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