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A tree takes carbon from the atmosphere and sequesters it in wood. You burn the wood and release the carbon. Net change in CO2 this century is zero.

You burn coal, releasing carbon sequestered millions is years ago. Net increase in CO2 this century is significant.

The percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere had been rising steadily since about 1950, indicating that we've saturated the ability of plant life to handle the supply.

We don't know for certain the impact of a higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, but "bad" is pretty likely.

So, investing in not releasing long sequestered CO2 is a very good idea.

Releasing briefly sequestered CO2 is the better option of the two. Capturing and using fusion power arriving daily from the nearest star is even better.

Importing wood pellets from the USA is rather suboptimal for the UK, though. :-)

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