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"Have you factored in the cost of a replacement battery in 7 to 10 years? One of the things holding me back from an EV - apart from the fact that until recently there was nothing that could guarantee me a 100 mile range at motorway speeds on a dark morning in the winter - was the thought of having to replace the battery at some point."

You plan to still be driving that wreck in 10 years?

There are already third party replacements for the earliest Prius'. Nissan's new pack for the Leaf is the same form factor but has more capacity. Chances are very good that by the time you EV battery pack needs replacing, there will be several options available and it's likely that you will also be able to install and even higher capacity one. If you get it from China is will be 18x more wonderful (according to the package). The current EVs have battery warranties from 8-10 years so it will be a while before having to buy a pack will be an issue. At least one manufacturer has said they will finance the purchase of an OEM pack down the road. In ten year's time I expect that EV's will have radically matured and you may just want a new one for all of the new features. If you don't, there will be other people that do and refurbished packs made from those vehicle's batteries will be available for a good price.

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