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"The average electric car consumes 34kWh per 100 miles. The average home PV installation produces an average (but highly variable) 20kWh per week."

Whoops. Error, Redo from start.

The Chevy Bolt EV will go 240 miles with a 60kWh battery pack (more if you aren't running heat or AC and you don't drive like a mad man). That's .25kWh/mile or 25kWh for 100 miles. A 3kW solar PV installation is around 18kWh/day (lots of variables here so let's call it 10kWh). 10kWh/day is 70kWh/week or 280 miles of travel/week or 1,100 miles per month. If you can get a special tariff for charging your EV in the wee hours for 5p/kWh, forget the panels and set the built in timer.

The best place to get a home battery is the wrecking yard. Find a wrecked EV with a battery pack the size you want and get a kit to turn it into a home storage battery. There are companies that are going to be making mini fast chargers that use a repurposed car battery pack to store up energy until you dump it into an EV.

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