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"For a lot of people, quick charging in a shared location will be a necessity - and that brings a different set of infrastructure challenges."

For people that don't have the option to charge at home, they will be the last people that EV's will make sense for. There are some very clever kits that can be installed in light poles where the cord set contains the communications to the service company for billing. The beauty is that the street lighting is changed to LED to free up the capacity needed to charge a car at night when the light is on without having to upgrade any wiring. During the day it's not a problem. It's featured on The Fully Charged Show on YouTube. It's made in Britain too!

Quick chargers are handy when you are on a long trip, but expensive for use all of the time. The best thing is slower chargers that are all over the place so it's easier for locations to add more slots of charging. If your car is sitting the common 90% of the time, if it's plugged in, it's not a problem to have it on a slow charger. If that's still not enough you can always hit the fast charger every once in a while to catch up.

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