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"One problem I can see is our company has about 20 company vehicles, (only 2 hybrids at the moment) but it due to physical and circuit limitations, we could only install a maximum of 4x 7.2KW chargepoints ( we currently have 2 on the building frontage) without a large investment."

Easy, install 8 3.3kW charge points. If you work all day at the same location, your car will just be sitting there doing nothing. A 3.3kW charge point adds around 14miles of range per hour of charging. A half a day of charging would be 56 miles of range replaced and you can arrange usage so cars are exchanged around lunch if necessary. A company EV left overnight would gain about 140 miles of range or, with a little fancy lockout switching, those 4 7.2kWh chargers could be made available instead of the 8 smaller ones.

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