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Here we go again... UK Prime Minister urges nerds to come up with magic crypto backdoors

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It is not possible to make all "evil" people use the same encryption.

Good people need to be provided a safe and verifiable email service, where government and business can email employees, customers, and be known to be from the correct email address to avoid phishing and then there is reduction of snooping for advertising, curiosity or crime.

One way is to make a secure email service {SEM} is to keep all the email on a set of exclusive servers, it would not move outside the servers to other public email servers. One logs in to it deposits email collects email and logs out as usual but it only moves within the server from known addresses to other known addresses.

Limiting the problem of snooping and other crime would reduce the need for encryption, the government could supply a series of encryption of specific levels for usage on the email service. should the government need to access the encrypted email they would have a master key, one imagines access would be rare as it would be primarily be business email not criminal communications.

So as generator the Gov would have a key, people would use the encryption as usual.

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