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Hold your horses with the downvotes here, misterinformed might actually be on to something

Let's take this, or a similar idea and run with it.......

First of all we set this up as a Government IT project.

Let's give the contract to oh I dunno, Crapita?

We give them a deadline of five years to deliver something.

That should buy us at least a decade before anything actually happens because of course, and even if they do come up with something it will be guarenteed not to work properly

Also by the time we start to see any results a few things will have happened

Technology will have moved on and may have rendered the whole project irrelevant

The current nutters in charge will have forgotten about it and will have moved on to the next hobby horse they think will grab them votes

There will have been a general election or two so the government of the day could easily gain popularity by scrapping the whole thing as being years late and massively over budget

Of course I'll happily volunteer to lead the project in return for substantial remuneration. I could do with the retirement cash

Surprised nobody else has thought of it........

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