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Ex-staffer sues UK's DWP, claims superior blabbed confidential medical info

Lee D Silver badge

And the perfect way to ensure the guy gets even more money out of the company, plus the opportunity to say "No, I still want to keep the job", plus cause everyone involved more hassle is to splat his private data around the team unnecessarily.

Nobody else need know WHY he was off, just that he was off. Almost every workplace I've ever worked in understood this... "off-sick" / "medical leave" / etc. is all you need to know.

The perfect way to encourage a malingerer is to hand them a £50k payout by being an idiot. The perfect way to lose the support of your team is to lose your own job because you spaffed the info everywhere, and still your team has to do the work but without the guy AT ALL, without you, with all kinds of HR hassle to boot, finding replacement staff, and having £50k+ taken out of the salary budget to compensate him.

If you've got the job title that includes "manager" this should be quite obvious.

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