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Re: as easy as staying in EU and exiting the EU at the same time @TRT

Hence the requirement for vastly increasing funding for research in quantum technology. As we all know, this exciting field allows something to exist simultaneously in a number of apparently contradictory states at the same time. .... TRT

You might like to ask Jacob Rees-Mogg MP to share with you the "New Knowledge" missive, [sent to him on 16 November 2017 at 15:15] which contains the following lines amongst a whole host of other relevant and relative information ........

Does Conservative Leadership want to … Make a Quantum Communication Leap into Future Perfect Presentations with Augmented Virtual Reality Production Systems. ….. with Global Operating Devices.

Such is that which is Presently Running Our Current Programs.

I Kid U Not.

..... or is all of that to be classified and presumed to be TS/SCI whenever it is in fact now more general knowledge to be exploited and expanded upon? Well, you now know of the message, don't you.

If Jacob refuses, what would that be telling you whenever he has every right to share everything shared freely.

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