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Ye gads I'd consider spending £80 on boots "going all out for long term boots"

How much trampoing do you do? on city streets?

Perhaps you should buy your own specialist repair gear.

I'd suggest your several hundred pound boots that dont last 6 months are over priced.

Also an £80 repair that only lasts six months is overpriced ...

I dont know where to start ... how about you just get a taxi everywhere, see how that pans out.

FYI "cheap" footwear is between 10 and 20 pounds , or 0 to £10 if you wait for the sales. Look in the toy section at Lidl aor Aldi for instance.

I suggest you buy cheapest shit you can find, and im sure itll last 6 months.

thereby inproving your fottwera value-for -money ration by "several Hundred" to 10

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