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Here we go again... UK Prime Minister urges nerds to come up with magic crypto backdoors


I’ll do the it!!!

Writing insecure crypto is easy. I have a great derivation or ROT-13... I call it ROT-29. I wrote it with my friend John Veiler... we were considering calling it Rot-Veiler... but it sounded silly.

Now, if we will ever have secure crypto... with a back door. We first need military intelligence, open secrets, jumbo shrimp, and a few dozen more oxymorons.

Encryption by its very definition cannot contain back doors. It is mathematically impossible. Not like “I have a theory about Brangelina’s breakup”. But as in the mathematical theorems have not been discovered to allow something known to be breakable to be called secure.

I suppose, I’m the U.K., the people have never had to be concerned with government corruption, corrupt policemen, etc... but in the rest of the world, we use encryption to protect the innocent... quite possibly from their governments.

Unfortunately, that places a greater burden on the government when protecting the innocent from the dangerous, but what’s the point of protecting people from the bad guys if your only goal is to remove their liberty?

In addition, there is no possible way to block people from using encryption. So, if you keep the good people from using it, it won’t help with the bad people.

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