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Something must be done about the extremists

They are an existential threat to our nation and have no respect for our traditions or our rights. They hide in plain sight and attack us when we least expect it. They use the media for propaganda and try to stoke up fear in the public to try to achieve their goals. They attack the public because they are soft targets, especially at places where they are vulnerable like airports. They use seemingly moderate people to push their agenda and pretend they're not as bad as they are painted or that they're not all like that and anyone who paints with a broad brush is a cynic or a bigot. The moderates try to use the police to silence voices of dissent claiming hate crimes or sexism. They want the impossible and are willing to use any means necessary to try to get it. When you get rid of one group of extremists another pops up in its place who are at least as bad as the last lot. It's enough to make you abandon the tory/labour duopoly and vote green.

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