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Here we go again... UK Prime Minister urges nerds to come up with magic crypto backdoors

Hey Nonny Nonny Mouse

The crux of it.

"No matter what laws are passed, criminals and terrorists are, by their nature, not law abiding, and therefore will ignore those laws, and continue to use the technology."


It always amazed me that a regular sentence for driving without a licence was a driving ban (I know the sister of a lad who, at the age of 14, got a lifetime driving ban for stealing and joyriding cars, needless to say, it had absolutely no deterrent effect), while I understand the reasoning behind it it seems absolutely nonsensical, rather it made them more likely to kill someone in their attempts to get away from the police, the inherent nature of a criminal is that they do not obey the laws that are used to punish them, nor do they care about the punishment meted out

The weakening of the cryptography that's being demanded and justified as a means to keep us 'safe' is going to achieve the exact opposite.

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