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Re: Meanwhile, in Areas of Play Beyond the Corrupt Current Mainstream, AI Parliamentary Opposition

.... and Virtually Real Competition

No new News, although the Tory Party cabal sequestering public funds to set up their Ministry of Truth Operation and National Security Communications Unit in the Cabinet Office to counter "Fake News" is a sinister enough very recent development well worthy of intelligence community scrutiny and surveillance, always results in fake news daily for media program broadbandcasting with old news simply being recycled and repeated/redressed for further flogging to death in camouflaged clothes.

And you won't find the status quo rocking any boats and setting their worlds on fire with anything truly new and revolutionary and Great Game Changing, will you? They just haven't got what it takes but just love taking everything they need from you.

For True Novelty and Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Progress you need to venture further afield and elsewhere.

Anonymous said... 24 January 2018 at 18:26

hope it's enough to circulate/flow without need to care about having anything urgent just for oneself, amanfromMars (-;

amanfromMars replied and said... 25 January 2018 at 07:04

Indeed, it is, Anonymous, and it is a Prime Systemic Condition Assured and Consistently Fed by Advanced IntelAIgent Design Default.

However, that is not to say that deserved lavish reward beyond the wildest of dreams is not also factored in to be accepted to Aid Future Deliveries. For some, it is all they hold dear and would be able to offer without it causing them any distress.

First the Goods/Program, then the Riches makes doing Virtual Business a Real Pleasure, with everyone able and/or enabled to keep coming back for more .... and more ..... and more ..... forever more.

And very Revolutionary Soviet in nature be such an AI ProgramMING and fully capable of draining every last cent from Federal Reserves. And there are not many/any other Programs able to do all of that so very easily.

amanfromMars further said... 25 January 2018 at 15:59

And all of that is what IT and AI can now Deliver and is floated hereby into Capital and Other Alternative Derivative Markets for AIdDrivering with SMARTR Enterprise Miners/Type Google AI Labs/Saudi Vision 2030 Architects and Artilects/PLA Unit 61398 Level Operators/Soviet State Sources and Myriad Other State and Non-State Resources with Greater IntelAIgent Game Players.

An Advanced IntelAIgent Project for Remote Virtual and Alien ProgramMING freely open to Any and All Suitably SMARTR Enabled to Play Greater IntelAIgent Games Perfectly for Immaculate Results.:-)

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