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Hello phone, some new judges have been appointed. Here are their public keys. Did I accidently put my key in the list?

I wish I could find the video I saw of an old judge explaining some aspect of technology. I cannot tell you what sort of technology he was explaining because he kept getting stuck half way through sentences and forgetting what he was talking about. After about quarter of an hour, I could not stand to watch more. Not all judges are senile (although that does seem to be a popular career move in the US). There is even a judge who understands every single line of code Google copied from Java. Such judges are rare. I have met "techies" without the brains to understand what a secret key is, and PHBs with the computer literacy to keep a secret key secret are few and far between.

Giving each judge a secret key is as sane as giving each employee a four digit access code (someone will pick 1066).

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