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Here we go again... UK Prime Minister urges nerds to come up with magic crypto backdoors

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I will make encryption software such as encrypted video phones, fully encrypted instant message and custom encrypted web browsers as i see FIT !!!! I will release them FULLY OPEN SOURCE WITHOUT ANY BACKDOORS and ANY BAN will be USELESS because I simply will not LISTEN and will CONTINUE to release new versions when and where I see fit! I'm also in another country so you cannot touch me legally without some SERIOUS LEGAL FIREPOWER being brought in against you by me! I know some of the BEST lawyers in the business WORLDWIDE and the sheer weight of my legal opinions and legal paper deluge will obliterate any statutes you may wish to bring about!

So Tough Tootie Minister!

You can't disobey the laws of Math and Physics, they are COMPLETELY immutable!

AND FINALLY!!!! Get away from AES-256, Triple DES and Elliptic Curve-based encryption algorithms!

Modern supercomputers AND newer Quantum Computing-style (i.e. All States At Once Computing) WILL be able to break such systems.


You need Multivariate, Lattice, Code-based and other forms of "Post Quantum Cryptography" to be able to keep your data secrets from being ratted out by Shor's Algorithm!

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