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What would it take for me to remove my adblocker?

I do whitelist sites who I want to support, and who haven't (yet) served me anything offensive.

What would it take to make my adblocker go away for good though - being as I'm not against advertising as a way to generate revenue for sites.

No scripts - that's most of any threat gone.

Images - fine

links - fine

animated images (gif, apng) fine

html5 video with nixed audio - fine assuming file sizes are limited

html + css? fine - as long as these can't be used to "break out" of the advertising panel (might need to subset what is allowed)

99.9% of all legitimate ads wouldn't be impacted by this - at least in terms of making an imprint on the viewer. If some fingerprinting capability is lost, then that's only a good thing.

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