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Personally I think building an infrastructure around Electric vehicles is money down the drain. Obviously it is great for business to have a whole new blossoming market with lots of investment and government spending. The simple matter is that electric vehicles are inherently inefficient.

The specific energy of lithium ion batteries is very poor, compared to petrol or diesel. Any benefit from the roughly 75% efficient electric motors, over the 45% efficient diesel engines is lost due to the specific energy difference of lithium ion batteries vs diesel.

It is why a model s Tesla basically spends a lot of the electrical energy in the batteries carting around the 540KG of batteries. It is the same reason why drones have very limited flight times compared to petrol/gas powered model aircraft,

Some solutions would be to accept the limitations and build your day around this. A lot of EV owners do this already. It isn't as much an issue if powered by 100% renewables. In fact arguably the only way you should use electric vehicles. Still an issue of rare earth materials and the supply chain to the renewable energy sector though. How many of SSE's vehicles are electric for instance.

Smaller batteries and an induction charging system on the road networks may be a solution. Probably very expensive.


We could use the fuel with the best specific energy on the planet, in normal combustion engines. Hydrogen. in before what about the Hindenburg, what about Galaxy note 7 and hover boards. What about every youtube video of someone lighting a bonfire soaked in petrol.

It is the most efficient fuel for a reason. It contains the most energy by mass. Granted safety vessel for storage and movement will need to be developed and will be.

But where will the hydrogen come form? Well right now in the U.K we have to have wind turbines turned off as there is too much energy available than demanded by the grid. If that energy was diverted to electrolysis plants we would essentially be storing green electricity from wind in a very efficient and light to transport fuel. But if all the money is spent on putting in street chargers for all the tenement dwellers in Glasgow and 5 story converted warehouse dwellers in Shoreditch, it will never happen.

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