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it's a shit-hole of a place.

Inside Washington - maybe.

On the west coast I get to work in a group with people from 20 nationalities who don't vote to 'take back control'. With bosses who are world class technical experts - not chinless wonders who happened to go to the right school. We have access to VC money, contacts and partnerships unimaginable in the UK.

The scenery is nicer than anywhere except bits of the Dales and I get to live on the ocean - proper ocean not day trip to Blackpool.

It doesn't hurt to get paid 4-5x what I was paid in the UK - my fault for doing technical work in the north instead of working for a bank in London. And I work for a tiny company nobody has heard of, go to Amazon/Google/Msft and programmers make what UK bankers make.

ps. anything to do with INS / TSA is shit !

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