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I fire up my wood-powered[0] 1915 Case occasionally to plow my largest field. It's the only tractor I've got that can pull the 12 bottom in our alluvial soil. Invariably, some twat in a Prius pulls up & yells at me for polluting the air ... When I point out that'll I'll be done in a couple hours (instead of a couple days with the Kubota, burning diesel), and that the wood would be disposed of in a fire anyway, they tend to get all blustery and sweary ... As I said, twats.

[0] She makes better power on coal[1], but have you SEEN coal prices? Wood's free[2] for the cutting!

[1] According to an ancient belt-driven dyno, 70hp at the flywheel on coal but only 65 on wood ... Torque, on the other hand, is in the 1200 ft/lb range regardless of fuel.

[2] Actually, I run on old scrap wood[3] ... Pre-heat the boiler with propane[4], then switch to wood. Even punky old fence posts burn quite nicely once she's got a good draft and a bed of coals going ... The only issue is I have to screen the ash for metal bits before I add it to the fields.

[3] No, I don't burn the pressure treated stuff.

[4] Custom insert, removed from the firebox once up to temp.

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