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H1B visas are being abused

H1B visas are being abused -- companies like SCE have used them to displace local IT workers with low cost Indian imports. There's obviously some legal tweaking going on because in theory labor certification rules prevent you from bringing in labor to either displace or undercut US workers but it seems to be merely an inconvenience to get around than a sticking point. The visas themselves seem to be subcontracted by a handful of Indian companies which also starves other companies of visas for any talent they might like to import.

Green Card applications are interviewed face to face. Getting a Green Card is probably the most difficult process an aspiring immigrant has to pass. Once you've got one then citizenship is more or less automatic after the 5 year wait period (3 for a marriage) provided you've not committed any crimes, paid your taxes and generally behaved yourself.

Incidentally, I know a bit about the system since I came to the US on an H1, changed status to a Green Card and eventually became a US citizen. (My wife finally naturalized a week ago and Trump or no Trump the process hasn't changed from when I did it 15 years ago; if anything its become easier because the USCIS has opened an office near to where we live. The only noticeable change in USCIS policy is that they seem to be going after people for trivial reasons, decades old transgressions and the like. One advantage to being a citizen is that you're finally free of them.)

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