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"Anyone else remember the idea that Hinda had a couple of years back? Have a hydrogen cracker & storage unit attached to the house, powered by solar panels? Excess electricity would be diverted to the home and the hydrogen could be used to fuel the vast range of hydrogen-powered cars available or burnt to help power the house when sunlight is absent (ie any time other than the height of the British summer)

Sounds like a good idea to me."

Sounds like a really bad idea to me.

1. Hydrogen is a slippery little molecule, flammable and explosive when mixed with oxygen. 96% of hydrogen production is done from fossil fuels with large amounts of carbon dioxide released by the process.

2. Nuclear power plants are best suited to base load power production - you don't build them to operate part-time. A modern reactor should be able to achieve a load factor on the order of .95, if not better (equivalent to producing full power 95% of the time). Fill in the demand variation with other sources, like gas turbines, or hydro-electric power. During low demand periods, pump water into reservoirs for use during high demand periods - a very efficient and clean method of storage. Both of these methods produce power whenever needed, unlike solar or wind generators.

3. There are very few hydrogen powered vehicles, and there are significant issues to be resolved before putting them into general production and use.

Solutions should be based on technologies that may be feasible in the near term.

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