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H-1B visa hopefuls, green card holders are feeling the wrath of 'America first' Trump

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Overall the immigration process is very straight forward if you have a legitimate claim to the status you are requesting.

I suggest you read the requirements for M2 and L2 visas. The Department of Xenophobia and You Shall Do It In The Missionary Position Immigration is sort-a all right regarding green cards with American spouses. They try not to aggravate citizens too much as those complain to congresscritters, sue and do other things which waste a lot of dept time. They unleash their complete creativity when dealing with immigrant applicant dependents. This includes, but is not limited to:

1. A Talebanic fatwa mandating that your wife is to be a housewife for 5 years if you are on all visas except M and L.

2. Requirements like pictures from your wedding even if it was 20+ years ago. Pictures must demonstrate that it was performed in a formal ceremony and be acceptable to an immigration official who is to determine if your wedding was in good taste or not. There should be at least 5 high quality pictures attached to the submission. NO I AM NOT JOKING - read the rules.

3. In the case of visas allowing dependent to work - detailed interview where you are interviewed on your wife's habits and she on yours to determine that you are not in a sham marriage because oh my god, that visa status actually allows her to work. That should be sabotaged by any and all means necessary.




Oh feck it, easier just go elsewhere to a more civilized and more pleasant place.

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