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Briansa - thats ridiculous!!

Much as I abhor TCS, HCL, etc bringing people over to do UK work on UK contracts its a tiny proportion of the workforce. Example, my last contract where I dealt with one of these, UK office, around 60 HCL staff, 50% British, TUPE'd over when HCL won the contract, and a few of those Key Men - contract would flounder without them. HCL kept hold of them.

50% were Indian visa workers and some of them were great, awesome people. The other 50% were variable and the bottom half were disappeared back home quite quickly.

Whats ridiculous is to think that India doesn't provide jobs for people. In addition to those 60 HCL people working in the UK there were 100+ working back in India (on a very good Indian salary) and very few of the 60 UK jobs couldn't have been done from India. They were just hanging onto their UK talent and trying to treat their customer better by having staff on-site. None of their staff were particularly happy with HCL management though.

I really don't like out-sourcing / off-shoring. Not because there are foreigners involved. Because IT is one of your differentiators. You do your IT well you are better, so do it yourself. Outsourcing just lowers your IT to the common denominator.

Anyway - the party is not over in India. Barely starting. Same as UK. Most Indians are nice people, so are most Americans, and most of my fellow Brits are. Can't we just all get along?

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