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Citizenship might not have helped him, either

@Nerdbert - "... had he gone and applied for citizenship as many green card holders have done, this wouldn't be an issue now for him."

Not necessarily the case under Trump. The Feds are now aggressively going after *any* error or inaccuracy in citizenship applications, NO MATTER HOW OLD OR IMMATERIAL they may be. Even trivial errors like misspelling an address are being treated as a pretext for revocation.

The offenses in question were subject of a plea bargain wherein he kept his nose clean and the record was expunged. Had he answered "no" to the criminal-record questions in applying for citizenship (accurately in view of the expungement), they could (and evidence indicates they would) revoke his citizenship on that basis alone.

This is a reign of terror by explicit policy with no sense of proportion, compassion, mercy, or even plain common sense.

Anon because I live in Trumpland...

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