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Electric cars to create new peak hour when they all need a charge


All the comments about the grid not having enough capacity and needing massive enlargement are just plain wrong -- the grid (and the generation behind it) has spare capacity almost all the time except at short power peaks, because if it didn't we'd get blackouts and power cuts all the time.

During the night there is massive spare capacity which goes unused, and means generators have to be shut down and restarted which is not good for overall efficiency -- this is where the main energy for charging electric cars would come from. Yes people may get home and plug their car in at 7pm, but mostly they don't then care when it gets charged so long as it's done by the next morning, so they could use cheap overnight power. Yes there will be exceptions to this, and they may have to pay more for power. Yes the batteries of cars which are plugged in and charged can be used as a resource to feed power into the grid at peak demand times when prices will be higher, and then get recharged when prices are lower.

People who can't park next to a charging station (e.g. at home) will be at a disadvantage until charging at the kerb is rolled out -- but this isn't a reason to say electric cars won't be widely adopted by those for whom they work.

The simple fact is that petrol/diesel cars are cheap and convenient and quick to fill up and long range -- and also inefficient, polluting, and unsustainable as fossil fuels are phased out and renewable energy takes over, which we'd all better hope happens for the sake of the planet and our children.

Whinging about how you don't want to give up your petrolhead habits will soon sound about as convincing as complaining because you're no longer allowed to inflict your smoking habits on other people inside cars and buildings.

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