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H-1B visa hopefuls, green card holders are feeling the wrath of 'America first' Trump

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but I abandoned my employment-based application in favour of one sponsored by my naturalised wife;

Really? Have you actually read the "cheetsheet" of what the interviewer expects?

One of the reasons why I never bother considering a relocation to the USA is that according to the USA dept of Xenophobia, Immigration my marriage to my wife is phony:

1. We do not have 5 pictures from the marriage ceremony (only one - the official one, the camera used to take the rest broke).

2. After 27 years together and with two children we do not have any joint bank accounts or credit cards. I have no access to her finances, she has no access to mine.

3. Not a single piece of real estate or any item of value we own has a joint title deed.

4. I cannot answer half of the "intimate" questions on "her" cosmetics the idiots tend to ask as I have long lost the plot on what is the next pile of crap marked Ives Rocher coming through the door.

So according to USA immigration, our marriage is SHAM. My take on it, they can go enjoy their evangelibanic view of the world, I will go and enjoy living in a "sham" marriage.

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