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H-1B visa hopefuls, green card holders are feeling the wrath of 'America first' Trump

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"It has the most Nobel prizes precisely because most of the people who have won them have immigrated from other countries to be there."

In the 2018 Bloomberg Innovaton Index I can't see any obvious correlation between list position and levels of immigration - though that's not to say the UK's ranking (17th...) might not be even worse without overseas academics, but clearly other factors are at play.

Having said that, I really don't see the frenzy - and it's not restricted to the US: Australia and the UK are pretty keen on it too - to deport people who are otherwise legal residents but who have committed crimes. We don't deport our own citizens - we regard their sentence as being the punishment for the crime; I'm not sure that returning people to places to which they've had no connection for decades can be regarded as anything other than xenophobic vindictiveness.

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