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Thanks for the very logical post. It seems that the 'petrolheads' rule around here.

I'm a petrolhead, and I like EV. Don't get me wrong, I'm not chopping in the WRX for one any time soon, but we could replace my wifes car with one, and possibly my track day car.

Before we ban them I have a whole list of engines and cars I need to work through, but given that most people aren't driving a proper car, they're driving what amounts to a white good, EV will work extremely well for most. Given that most people neither like driving, nor are any good at it, autonomous electric vehicles will work even better for them.

EV isn't about moving everyone in all situations, its about moving most people over in most situations.

Put another way - I have one car for the track, another car as my main car, and a third for Tesco/Tip runs. Each have different costs and characteristics that make them most suitable for different situations. I can see how a 4th vehicle, and EV could fit in and reduce my oil burn.

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