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"All of the pro-EV ideas here only make sense while EVs are a tiny minority. None of them scale to full use, due to tax or practical infrastructure issues."

I agree and in may ways we are benefiting at the moment. I say that we should and will need to pay tax of some sort and that it is not maintainable long term like it is. It would nave to be far in excess of the current system to make it more expensive, though.

I'll bet you got a subsidy, and the "fuel" is charged at domestic 5% VAT, not road fuel VAT+duty of "61%. Remove the subsidy and price your electricty at the same per km as petrol or diesel, as must happen long term, and the cost wil be the same."

We didn't get a subsidy as we bought an ex-demo. I agree about VAT and tax as above. It will need to be changed or we'll have loads of car users paying no money to maintain roads.

"But they can't produce the same amount of power as the 'classic' methods. If all cars were EVs the UK would need to double it's annual electricity production to charge them. Can't be done with today's green technology."

Agreed - but I am an anomaly in that I am an EV driver that likes nuclear power....

"Double the range means double the energy stored in the battery. Inevitably that means double the charge time, or double the charge rate. "

No - a charge for newer versions of my car are the same as ours in terms of time. Improvements in efficiency and battery technology are helping loads - you will, of course, pay more.

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