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"If you care to do a bit of research yourself, you could see how much of our electricity generation is coming from which source in real time."

If you want to see the realtime UK electricity demand and what is supplying it this is an excellent resource:

G.B. National Grid Status. It also has links to historical data as well.

Right now (10.01 Wed 24 Jan) Wind is supplying 9.94GW of the 39.5GW demand, which is more than nuclear (6.65GW), far more than Coal (1.14GW) but less than CCGT Gas (16.12GW). For context there are strong winds in the South of England at the moment.

"There are a number of companies out there that sell 100% Renewably generated Electricity. Go look at and see for yourself. (there are other Green Energy Companies)"

OVO Energy is another company that offers 100% renewable tariffs - usually costs about 1.5p/kWh more but YMMV and others are available.

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