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"where's the electricity coming from"?

I'm lucky enough to have enough south facing roof space and don't drive all that much, so I *could* install sufficient solar panels to provide more electricity than I need for my average driving needs, if I had an electric car.

Pity that when I do the maths on the current feed in tariff, it makes no economic sense for me to buy an electric car and solar panels. Hell, I'm not even convinced the solar panels break even on their own given that it would be extremely difficult to shift my usage pattern to use the 50% of electricity generated that the tariff assumes, and I would be paying to use non-green electricity at night. (If you can use the energy from the panels during the day, the panels can make sense...)

And, no, I'm not buying a battery pack for the house, the energy used in their manufacture, the relatively short life span (10 years, I believe) and the difficulty of recycling them means that for the time being, they definitely fall into the "not green" box. Very useful for people who live off grid though.

For the time being, I'm sticking with buying nuclear generated electricity from EDF.

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