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This is why you should use adblockers

Everyone knows about malicious problems like these yet no one bothers to address the consequences, and many website would rather see that you turn off your adblocker in order for them to get their revenue. Now, I understand the motive, I really do, but when will people finally realize that adblockers aren't a convenience anymore but should be recognized as essential protection?

What I'm saying is that an adblocker should be getting the same treatment as an anti-virus tool on your computer. Websites wouldn't ask that you turn off your anti-virus so why make the exception for an adblocker?

See: the problem with ads is that you'll never know for sure where the junk is coming from. And even if you do know the source (Google ads comes to mind) then it's still no guarantee what so ever that everything people throw at you will be fully harmless. Heck; this article proofs as much!

In this day and age the use of adblockers has seriously evolved and should be considered a mandatory protection scheme. Yes, I feel for all those websites who try to make a bit of a profit but sorry: you got yourselves to blame for it in the first place. Instead of being satisfied with the target audience many companies strived for more and better coverage, even up to a point where malware became a thing.

What was that saying again? You reap what you sow?

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