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I think it's even worse though...

Obvious indeed but it's even worse than this though: in most modern cities the whole grid would be overloaded as soon as a majority tries to charge their cars. Because no one seems to bother themselves with the most important question of them all: where is all that electricity coming from?

Also: how is all that electricity getting generated?

And this is also the main gripe I have with all those allegedly "clean" ways of energy consumption and the way it's often being executed. Generally speaking it's approached as an "all or nothing" but that usually leaves out some very important details. Take wind energy. An interesting concept for sure but it takes a lot of windmills to even come close to what a regular power station can produce. Another bothering problem is: "What if there's no wind?". When the wind goes out then people usually prefer to continue consuming energy. Ergo: there has to be a backup in place. For every windmill park you have to get a solid backup, which is usually provided through "regular" energy sources. And that's the part of the story people would rather leave out of the story.

Just like the involved costs to actually get access to these alternative energy sources. Generally speaking it costs more than you get out of it. Now, I'm not saying that this should be a decisive factor perse (sometimes there are bigger concerns than money) but it also shouldn't be completely ignored either as its usually the case.

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