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Electric cars to create new peak hour when they all need a charge


Even our government is years ahead of this lot

Wow impressively bleedin' obvious research. Equally bleedin' obvious solutions.

As suggested by our government. In 2011!

There are improved documents with more detail that are newer btw.

Page 7:

Recharging at home

Recharging at home, at night, off-peak, is not only most convenient for drivers, but also maximises the environmental and economic benefits of plug-in vehicles by using cheaper, lower carbon night-time electricity generation. It also makes the best use of available electricity network capacity. To help people charge at home as easily as possible, the Government is:

• ensuring that smart metering in Great Britain includes the functionality to support smart charging of plug-in vehicles. This will allow recharging to react to price signals, ensuring that it can happen when it is cheapest for consumers and the energy system, subject to appropriate technology in the chargepoint or plug-in vehicle;

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