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Answering a few points in the comments...

Our EV works out cheaper by far than the car it replaced. We pay less now including the repayments for the car and all fuel and servicing, etc. than we did for just the fuel on the car it replaced. The EV does very similar miles to the old car.

There are suppliers of electricity that are committed to only using greener methods, such as ecotricity in the UK. They are a little more expensive but even factoring this effect on the anual bill in, the EV still works out a little cheaper than just the fuel of the car it replaced.

We can pick and chose when the car charges. We can decide to charge it in the wee small hours negating the effect. I think that suppliers may offer EV rates where this promoted. If you have off peak tarrifs then this works out cheaper anyway.

Ranges, whilst still not up to scratch, are increasing each year with the latest model of our EV coming out this year able to do double what ours can (purchased 2016). I would say that unless you never do trips less than 50 miles you still can't currently run an EV for all journeys or have it as your only car, as you can't always depend on there being a functional charger at the destination. But this is slowly getting better.

A lot of people do need to get used to the idea that in the lifetime of many readers the only car you can buy will be something that doesn't burn fosil fuel.

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