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The premise made in this report (from a pro-coal/gas) organisation assumes that non of the EV users will have things like:-

- Their own PV System to generate electricity independanty of the major grid suppliers

- Their own Battery storage system that either stores ther lecy generated by their own PV system or charges itself when grid demand (and thus price) is at its lowest.

- That the EV users will plug in each night with battery levels approaching 10% ie. needing a 90% charge.

- That the Utilities do not impliment a form of demand pricing instead of a fixed prise per KWh.

Other reports to come out of the US do seem to debunk this grid centric report.

Personally, I charge my EV when the sun is shining and the output of my PV system pretty well balances the drain on the grid for my mains charger (slow trickle).

In a couple of months, I'll have 34KW of Battery storage and 6KW of PV on my home. My grid use will drop considerably even though I'm upgrading my EV and going from a 30KWh car to a 100KWh car. The larger batter will mean that I don't have to charge as frequently and can wait for the sun/cheap leccy to fully charge my battery system and then use that to give me another 100+ miles of range. Yes, the PV and battery system is a cost but it increases the value of my home by more than the £££ I spent on it.

However, I can see where you are coming from. I had very much the same opinion as you until I got my EV and PV systems. Now with careful juggling of where and when I charge and a light right foot, the cost of my motoring so far this month has been £42.60 and I've done more than 1000miles.

I charged using a Pod-point rapid charger recently. This was at one of our major supermarkets. That charger stops at 80% charge but the cost was £6.37. It was done in the time it took me to do some shopping and have a coffee. That gave me another 100miles approx of range. Other places, I charge for free or at even lower cost per KWh (as low as £0.13/KWh).

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