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'The capacitors exploded, showering the lab in flaming confetti'



Many many moons ago, when pc's had cluncky on off switches and techs still went out on the piss the previous night, i managed to electrocute myself so well it blew me off the seat.

A desktop i was assembling had power going to its front switch, the was in the days of 240v not wimpy 3v or whatnot to a soft button. They had little boots on the connectors, now normally i made flipping sure these covered anything "bad" but one day, slightly inebriated from a session the night before one of them was not doing its job properly.

As i grabbed the sides of the box to move it forward i touched the contact, as it was plugged in at that point there was a bit of a bang, i flew off the stool and all the lights (and everything else) went out.

I managed to the not only the workshop but the whole buildings breakers, once i managed to get up and stagger about a bit i felt well proud of my accomplishment.

Not long after one of the boys found out that the CRT screen he was attempting to dissipate was still powered producing a much louder bang and sparks accompanied by another lights out event - again i wonder if the previous nights alcohol might have been a reason for this foopar.

Nowadays i get a pfy to check things that might produce sparks and bangs, they are easier to replace.

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