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Re: Intel "shouldn't be selling CPUs?"

Intel (with crappy buggy speculative execution which allows user code crossing kernel boundary)

No. You got this 100% wrong. This is not what Spectre does. You are confusing Spectre with Meltdown.

And it's not just Intel that has crappy buggy speculative execution.

Every single chip that has speculative execution - which means all general-purpose chips designed and fabricated in the past 20+ years, with the exception of Itanium - is affected by Spectre.

And no, it's not a matter of buggy or crappy. It was a design oversight, or short-sightedness if you will, at the time, combined with the notion that nobody is smart enough to figure this out, and with pressure from benchmarketing types.

The Spectre vulnerability was being whispered around in interested circles much earlier than June 2017.

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