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Yeah, I worked as an apprentice for a Telco, we had our own school. This was the 80's. One guy wanted to pay another for a prank earlier in the day. He soldered an electro backwards across the 50V supply in a hidden spot on the cct board we were working on, just as we were being let out for lunch. Every lunch as a precaution the Instructor would turn off the 50v so no fire could start. The cct was duly plugged in as he left. ...... After lunch we all filed in and sat at our desk, the instruction discussed the cct and then turned around and flicked the breakers for the 50v to on. Immediately we were all deafened by a loud bang and confetti. Needless to say pranks were stopped that day...

Another time another guy was fault finding his project that involved making a set of telephone exchange relays work in a certain sequence, we had built the loom ourselves and were expected to fault find if it didn't work. Fault finding included making each relay work by pressing the relay in the expected sequence and testing the circuit.. All was progressing well until he pressed the second last relay which closed the contacts across 50v. The battery bank that supplied the training site ran a mini mechanical exchange and supplied power to all the buildings and could supply more than 600A without breaking a sweat. For a minuscule fraction of a second it tried to give that 600+A.... results :: one very shocked and slightly blinded student, tripped breakers and vapourized relay contacts and all the magical smoke let out never to be returned..... happy days hope you enjoyed it.... Atomic picture coz that was the Instructor in story #1

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