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"Who Me?" should be the RSS feed title as well.

The RSS feeds for this & the On Call posts should be titled as much to make them easier to find among the regular news.

I know if it's from "Simon" then it may be one I'm particularly interested in reading, but if it actually described themselves as "On Call", "Who Me?", or (in the case of Mister Dabbs) "For the weekend Sir?" then we could write an email rule to flag them, play the air raid warning siren, & advise all those around us to leave us alone while we got our weekly infusion of silliness. "Don't talk to me, I'm reading Who Me? again." should be a valid defense for when the H&S folks come running to find out why you've strangled another coworker.


I mean, ummmm... for when you've just come up with a BOFH worthy form of retribution to enact when that nosey coworker three desks over comes trundling past to stick his honker where it doesn't belong.

*Shifty eyed nervous glances around*

I mean, ummm, that I would appreciate it if the RSS feeds could begin with the fact that they contain an On Call, Who Me?, or similar recurring article content, the better for me to know that such an article is available for me to eagerly consume.

*Pure, sweet, & innocent smile*

"I'm sorry Your Honour, I have no idea where that lake came from & I'm not responsable for the crater in which it formed."

/runs away as those nice young men in their clean white coats chase after me screaming for me to take my frog pills...

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