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Short answer? No.

That security relies on opt-in, which in EU companies usually do (Amazon is an outlier - they are too big to be coaxed probably), but outside it's more of a mixed bag, because credit card companies don't have the power there to tell the merchant to upgrade security or else.

IDK if it's possible for yourself to block any transactions without 3DSecure process on your bank side (that would prevent you from purchasing anything from Amazon, mind), but otherwise credit card processors tend to pass through any payment that meets the criteria, as they are set for that particular merchant. Many banks also apply some behavioral risk models, which actually stop some frauds. However, primarily they don't want to block legitimate payment (which is far more likely event, event in crime-ridden areas).

Still, if it's a fraud and you are not part of it and you didn't do anything really, really stupid, banks usually foot the bill (I know for a fact that my bank does at least).

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