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F-35 'incomparable' to Harrier jump jet, top test pilot tells El Reg

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"Seeing this is a forum full of IT professionals, you have the intelligence to take a few minutes and critically think about things and be objective; so try it out. This... we are better and smarter than anybody else attitude is ridiculous; not to mention... how often has this 'attitude' gotten you anywhere?"

"gotten us anywhere"? In what sense? are we swimming in Cristal and trashing Ferraris? Well no.

But let's measure it another way: how many people here have done a good job? When asked to implement some software to help people, did they generally succeed? And I'll bet the answer is that mostly they have. They understand things that work, how to analyse situations and good ways to solve problems. They probably have a track record of seeing good opportunities for improvement too.

Let's compare that to the military/government. These are the people who failed to get the intelligence right about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, who built vulnerable carriers whose cost overran, that only work with certain types of aircraft, that we don't even have, that overspend on unnecessary inventory to the tune of £500m/annum, but can't provide vehicles to the troops in Afghanistan to protect them from IED attack.

The people in charge, PR men, lawyers, wonks and former union officials that make up most of parliament have never run anything serious. They do little to reign in the bad ideas and decisions of the civil service, most of whom have never done a good job on delivery and remain in their posts even after proving their incompetence.

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