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"I guess the BBC used non-existent CGI to show that on the 6 o'clock News, then?"

You may have seen film of the VIFF technique, but not during the Falklands War

""And the US Marines invented it during a demo flight "just to see what happened if you tried it"

[citation needed]"

Here you go:

"* The USMC's provision for Sidewinder missiles on the AV-8A led the service to devise an interesting new dogfighting tactic, named, somewhat stiffly, "vectoring in forward flight (VIFF)". Experiments performed by the USMC with VIFF demonstrated that it had some extraordinary qualities. The Marine pilot who performed the first evaluations on VIFF in 1970, Captain Harry Blot, fully reversed the nozzles while flying at high speed on his first test flight. He reported that he "decelerated rapidly" -- but he couldn't determine just how rapidly, since he was wrapped around the stick with his nose stuck on the gunsight."

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