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Or, and this is my preferred solution, we can stop having kids (ideally an average family size of <1 child on average per couple - but <2 on average at most), quarter the population of the planet

Most countries of Europe and North America already have family sizes of below the replacement rate. The rate of population growth in most of the rest of the world has been slowing down since the 1970s; most of the people who will be alive in 2050 have already been born, and the global population is forecast to level out by 2100. The few countries which buck this trend tend to be war-torn ones like Afghanistan and Somalia.

Given that China's One Child policy had to be abandoned as unworkable (not to mention hated so much that even the CP feared there would be a violent backlash they couldn't control), how do you plan to impose your solution upon the world? Will it involve guns? Or will it involve the wealthier countries providing more international aid to further support the existing, proven path of increasing the provision of healthcare and of women's empowerment?

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