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Clarity required

Hey Wolfie, when you say you've decided to "go on" YouPorn is that as a star performer, whether single or with others, or merely as a viewer?

Whilst on, i'm also hearing that 2017 was the hottest (well, maybe one of the top three, depending how they fiddle,er adjust it) years on record - all the way back to 1850 can you believe.

Not round here it's not, nowhere near. My garden flaura did not like the latter six months of 2017 at all, the weather is currently shit, and i'm flu'd up.

Yes, i know that local weather, local climate is not the same as Global Warming/Global Change.

Strange isn't it, the experts would have you believe it's all "man made" warming yet very little if anything is said, never mind being done, to address the explosion of the "man" part.

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