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It takes very little to be better than tha Harrier...

The Harrier was a nice plane, its VSTOL capabilities a first, but it could never be a great fighter or attack plane in a difficult environment exactly because its VSTOL capabilities made it a slower, more vulnerable plane. Good for CAS, if you already had air superiority - but it couldn't obtain it alone against a capable opponent.

As a VSTOL plane, and Harrier replacement, the F-35 can be somewhat better, if they can tame and fix its many teething issues.

Just, as an all-around plane - one that should take the roles that were covered by F-14, F-16, A-6, the F-35 is just a so-so plane, and will have troubles against more capable ones.

In fact, USAF didn't want to renounce to its F-15 and F-22. Just, everybody else has to get the F-35.

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