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STEM is meaningless

The problem with STEM is that it's a completely meaningless concept; it's uselessly broad, vague term that encompasses anything and everything that could be seen as in any way technical or sciency, or might potentially be used in a technical or sciency context. How can anyone have a sensible discussion about a lack of STEM skills when you're lumping doctors, electricians and theoretical physicists all into the same group? And as if that wasn't bad enough, now apparently they're trying to decide if HR drones, of all people, might count as well.

If there are issues with a lack of skilled people in certain areas (and the same applies to issues of gender and racial imbalances as well), you need to actually focus on those specific areas. Giving a vague "STEM" shrug doesn't help in the slightest, since even if your efforts achieve anything, you're likely to end up encouraging people to get into other fields that didn't have the a problem in the first place. If you don't have enough engineers, telling children they could one day become a surgeon or rocket scientist doesn't address the problem.

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